What a day! We went to Dublin with our 6th class students last Tuesday. It was a very early start!!. At the train station for 5.45a.m. were we. Needless to mention the girls were as chatty as if it was 10a.m. and full of the joys of the early start. We boarded the train blessed with sunshine and proceeded to have a wonderful day together in great company with lots of sights to see. We began our journey with the Viking Splash experience followed by a very memorable visit to Croke Park. The guides we met were so entertaining at both activities. Myself and Ms Crowley spent our Viking Splash laughing at the jokes the guide was sharing with our group. He was encouraging us all to scare the unsuspecting pedestrians on the streets of Dublin as we went into the role of Vikings!!!! Croke Park tour took my breath away. So a ig thank you to Ms Manning and Ms Crowley with a particular thank you to Rebecca for organising the day from start to finish. thanks to our students for being such great company on the day. Thanks to Niamh Dineen and Chloe McElligott for assisting us on our tour.20180606_085001 20180606_130318 20180606_125133 20180606_103654 20180606_090522