This week we will celebrate Maths Week 2018 in Togher GNS. Our students will take on some maths challenges from Junior Infants to 6th Class.

This is an opportunity for us all to encourage our children to see that maths is all around us. Encourage you daughter to see shapes, sizes,patterns, measurements, numbers etc. as you travel together throughout this week. Look at the number signs on houses, the speed-limits for our cars, add the registration numbers on cars, count the number of red cars etc., look at the shapes on signs or kitchen containers …….. the possibilities are endless.

With adult supervision and internet access, there are some great websites you could visit with your child this week. Input in the address bar and you will visit the official site for this week . Therein you will see all the different resources available. Go to the resources menu and in particular the info and links section.