2nd Class 2019 – 2020

Welcome to our 2nd class page! We will be putting updates about the great things we are doing in our class and also some useful links, questions and activities to do with your child. We have had a very busy September and no doubt this excellent work will continue for the rest of the year!

Enjoying Well Being Week and the Alphabet Countdown and our Projects

It has been wonderful to see lots of girls getting involved in Wellbeing Week and the Alphabet countdown! Please enjoy these photos from our class!

Also you can see a wonderful project on ‘Saturn’. We have been learning about Space and the Planets. Well done!

Keeping busy with lots of writing and designing posters!

Here is a fantastic poster that was created about quarantine and how to keep safe!

We also have two wonderful stories that were created based on Superheroes the girls had to make up. Well done girls!

Getting creative at home…

This week, we have been very creative again! With the help of Ms. Twohig, the girls could create a ‘Cup full of Creativity’. For this activity, you need lollipop sticks, a marker and a cup. Write down different fun activities on the lollipop sticks. You could write ‘do 20 jumping jacks’ or ‘make up a dance’ or ‘draw a funny picture’. When you have written all the activities, put them into a cup or holder. Now, when you might feel a bit bored, just pull out a stick, read what it says, and do that activity!

  • All the girls in the class have been working SO hard during this difficult time away from school. This week, we are focusing on 3-D shapes in Maths.
  • The girls were given an activity to try create and construct something out of any 3-D shapes. They could construct a robot, house, train, tree, monster. After they have constructed it, they could then design or decorate it any way they would like!
  • Here are some examples of 3-D shape constructions already made. If you make any 3-D shape constructions, be sure to take a photo and send it on to me and I will put it up here!

Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

We have been so busy this past week, getting back into our classroom routine and getting lots of new work completed. We made goals last week. We thought of ways we could “knock your socks off”. These included, keeping our desk tidy, writing lovely and neat, raising our hand to speak and being kind to everyone. The girls have been working hard to maintain these goals.

We have moved on to counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s now. Skip counting by these numbers are so important for learning multiplication in 3rd class and beyond. The girls have been drawing various items like pizzas, cookies, with chocolate chips or pepperoni slices that they can then skip count by.

In Geography, we have been learning alot about the map of Ireland. The girls have learned that there are 4 provinces, 32 counties in Ireland, 26 in the Republic and 6 in Northern Ireland and a couple of the mountain ranges that are scattered around Ireland. We sketched maps of Ireland in art and added in the mountain ranges.

We have been learning a lot about Zacchaeus the tax collector in Religion, as to prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation which will be coming up in March, to get ready for the First Communion.

The girls are very excited to be starting joined handwriting very soon also, so be sure to keep them practicing their neatest handwriting in the coming weeks!

IMG_6420_Original IMG_6421_Original IMG_6422_Original IMG_6437_Original IMG_6438_Original IMG_6440_Original IMG_6441_Original IMG_6442_Original


Before the midterm break, we had a great week of learning about different needs that people may have. We learned about autism, epilepsy, dyslexia, sign language, dogs that help people with their needs who have disabilities. In these pictures, we were learning the signs for the colours of the rainbow song. Rebecca, Ms. Driscoll and Ms. Crowley taught us these signs and we really, really enjoyed performing them. We loved it so much that, with the 1st class, we got to show the 3rd-6th classes the song with the signs at a whole-school assembly on the Friday (also pictured). It was a fantastic week that helped us become aware that we are all unique and must always look out for each other!

IMG_6215_Original IMG_6214_Original IMG_6213_Original

A little tour of our classroom…

Here is what our classroom looked like over the last few weeks. We have a big Maths board in our classroom where we hang posters to help our learning. These posters are created by us throughout the chapter that we are studying. We leave them on the wall then so we can refer to them if we need any help! They are great reminders to us during Maths time and other subjects!

We have an SESE board too where we put things that we are studying in Geography, History and Science. The theme for October was “Autumn” and we loved finding different signs of Autumn in our environment. The topic for November will be “Sound” so we will have a new display up to guide us about this topic. We have learned about the ear today, and how we hear different sounds.

We also have a big word wall at the back of our classroom that all the spellings and tricky words are added to every week. We definitely will have to expand this as the year goes on as it is getting really crowded! This is a handy display for us because whenever we are doing writing in any subject and we are stuck on a word, we can look back and see if it is on the word wall.

IMG_6221_Original IMG_6219_Original IMG_6220_Original IMG_6218_Original IMG_6217_Original IMG_6216_Original

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Frida Kahlo for September and October. We learned that even though Frida had many, many hardships throughout her life, she persevered greatly and made beautiful art. Frida was confined to her bed for long stages in her life and started to paint self-portraits of herself. We designed self-portraits of ourselves and we also drew self-portraits of Frida. We looked at many of Frida’s self-portraits and appreciated them. We loved the green background and flowers on this portrait so we decided to recreate it.



Our Enrolment Ceremony for the Communion Girls Tues 22nd Oct 2019








Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 20.00.46 DATA!  We had great fun logging and tracking all our favourite foods. We counted to see which one we preferred and which one was the least popular. We talked and discussed about how many more/less some foods had. We made our own charts and walked around the classroom asking our friends and we tallied up the answers. We then shared with the class our answers and discussed the numbers.
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 20.00.33 Some Maths fun! Here you can see the girls demonstrated a fun, exciting Maths game we play throughout the week to learn our tables. Everyone stands up and the teacher calls two girls to come to the front of the room. She gives the two girls a sum eg. “4+8”. The two girls must say the answer as quick as they can! Whoever gets the answer first, stays standing at their desk, whereas the other girl sits down. The game continues until there are only two girls left. Whoever wins gets a sticker and gets to be the ‘teacher’ next. We all enjoy this game because it helps to learn our tables off by heart – so important for all our Maths sums everyday. It helps us to stop using our fingers and counting on our hands!
2ndMaths IMG_6095 IMG_6096 We went on a Maths hunt where we found, logged and counted lots of things around the school. We counted how many steps we walk up and down everyday, we took note of how many circles we could see around us and we also added our own things that we could count and find such as how many people we passed, how many fish are in the fish tank. We had a great time working together and tallying up how many items we found. This is such a great way to incorporate Maths from the world around us into our daily lives.