Active Schools Week

​Active School Flag

The Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often. Our pupils, staff and parents are committed to making activity and exercise a fun and everyday way of life in our school. We have been enjoying our active flag journey and our active flag committees have been leading us in many initiatives to keep us healthy and active.
To learn more about the Active School Flag Initiative, visit their website  
Why get active?
Did you know that four out of five children in the Republic of Ireland are still not getting enough exercise, posing serious risks to their health and well-being?  Being active helps release chemicals in your brain (endorphins), which have a positive effect on your mood, not to mention the benefits to your heart, lungs, muscles and bones. Getting out and being active is also a great way to manage stress.
10 Health Benefits: Physical activity helps a child to… 
•    Improve agility, balance and co-ordination.
•    Feel more energised
•    Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.
•    Burn and generate more energy.
•    Improve their physical and mental wellbeing.
•    Maintain healthy weight.
•    Improve concentration.
•    Improve self-esteem and helps them feel good about themselves.
•    Develop friendships. 

Active Schools Week 2022

Here in Scoil an Athar Maitiu, we completed our Active Schools Week on the 28th of March to the 1st of April. We all had a fantastic week full of exercise, fun and plenty of sunshine! Here are the activities we did for each day:


We had a whole school assembly where we practiced our whole school dance. Each class then completed lots of fun in-class video activities and movement breaks. We had Ray from the FAI come to teach the 1st-3rd class girls soccer skills and they got to play some matches against each other and had lots of fun.


The Camogie team had a match at the Barrs club which the 6th class went to cheer them on. The 3rd – 6th classes then got to go on a special trip to Togher Boxing Club where they learned basic boxing skills and played some games. It was a great day!


We had Ted from Fr. Maitiu’s Basketball come to teach all classes basketball drills and skills. Each class from Jnrs to 6th had a great time and really enjoyed the sessions.


3rd to 6th classes went to the Lough and enjoyed playing games and the playground for their scheduled time. It was a lovely day for the walk to and from there also. The Jnrs to 2nd Class completed the new school walkway during this time also and practiced their whole school dance. The girls made banners for the teachers vs students soccer match the next day.


On Friday, we had a whole school dance at assembly. All the girls really enjoyed learning and performing the ‘Cha Cha Slide’. We also had a teacher vs students soccer match that the whole school watched. It was a great day!

Overall we had such a fantastic Active School Week here in Scoil an Athar Maitiú. We were so lucky that the sun shone down for us all week long. The girls got an opportunity to experience and try a range of different sports including boxing, basketball, orienteering, dance and soccer. We had an absolutely brilliant week. A special thanks to the Active School Committee members who helped to organise this special week, well done girls ☺