Great Pictures

Thank you for sending in your work. We will share some of the pictures here.

Thank you for sending in this beautiful portrait sketch.

More great work sent to us today. The infant department is looking good with a great story teller, a genius mathematician and a knowledge of our folklore. Thank you.

Ms Dillon’s class sent in some of their very colourful and creative art work that they have created at home. Thank you for these wonderful works of art. You are amazing.

Like many of us, one of the oldest creative arts of baking has become a much more regular activity in our homes. Some of our students sent in their creations. Just looking at these yummy pictures makes me hungry. We love those bunny pictures. The flags for our front line heroes will be seen by the many front line heroes we have in our community. We all thank them for the great job they are doing every day.

Some more great pictures of our senior classes learning, having fun and discovering that learning does not always have to take place in a classroom.

Some photographs of students enjoying learning. It is good at times like this to get a chance to reflect on the activities and fun that we share and continue to share online or by post. Look out for more pictures next week.