Green Schools

Our Green Schools Committee have been very busy this year getting ready to apply for our 6th flag.

We are working on the theme of: Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste.

We are learning about 

  • The 17 UN Global Goals
  • Fairtrade
  • How to reduce our waste and recycle more.

We look forward to our International Day on Wednesday the 16th of March.

Pablo the banana shows where bananas come from and what hard work it is to be a banana farmer.

Pablo the Super-Banana (for early years groups) – Fairtrade Schools

Did you know that footballs can also be Fair Trade? Watch this video to find out more.

Playing Fair – The story of Fairtrade footballs – YouTube

Hands up who loves chocolate??? Here is how it is harvested.

How to harvest cocoa – YouTube

What is Fairtrade?

What is Fairtrade? – YouTube

The fairtrade website has some wonderful resources for anyone who want to learn more.

Fortnight – Fairtrade Ireland