Letter to Parents April 2020

We are even more together now at a distance.

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We are even more together now at a distance.

Dear parents/guardians, students and our whole school community,

We begin another term together. That sense of being together is so important. Your teachers miss each and every one of you. We miss your smiles, your chat, your energy for work and we even miss telling you to stop running in the yard!:-)We miss everything about school including meeting your parents in the mornings or when they are collecting you. I miss the assemblies on Friday when we all get to be together to listen to the different committees talking or to award Shining Lights or Gaeilgeoir Coicíse or to sing a song together.

Even though some days can be a little challenging at the moment, we must all remember we are doing this for a reason. School is closed for a reason. We are being asked to stay safe for a reason. The reason is more important than us being at school, more important than meeting up in big groups, more important that going on holidays. The reason is to keep all of us safe from this virus as best we can. When the people who know best, think it is a good idea to go back to school or visit other members of our families or travel a distance to a beach, we will be told. There are lots that we have taken for granted for so long just waiting around that corner for us to celebrate and appreciate more than we ever did before.

When we are told we can go back to school and that it is safe to assemble together, I can feel a big party coming on. Actually, we will have a whole week of celebrations. In the meantime we will do as we are being asked and mind everybody. Remember on the Thursday, 12th March when we left school, we said the most important thing at this time is kindness. Kindness to yourself, to your family at home and to all those around you. We know that you are all the Princesses of Kindness.

A special note for the sacrament classes, do not worry as you will receive the sacrament, not on the date we had planned, but there will be a date. 6th class do not worry about the graduation as you will have a graduation as fabulous as all the other graduations we have had for our 6th class girls but again we will have to wait to see when that will be safe to do. It will happen.

Lots of best wishes to you all from all of the staff at Togher Girls NS