Dear students, I know there is lots of excitement about going back to school for both the teachers and students. Getting to meet each other again will be an absolute pleasure. Togher GNS is ready to welcome you all back. Most of the classrooms and other areas of the school will look exactly the same. There will be a few new rules that we will have to follow to keep us all safe and well in school but we are used to school rules and excellent at obeying the school rules. Today I am attaching some of the new signs you will see in your classrooms and in the yard that will clearly explain to you some of our new rules to help us keep each other safe and well.

Every class will have these 6 posters, have a chat with someone at home about them.


These lovely posters will be on the gates of the school to let you know which gate to come in every morning. Check out the number of the gate you are coming in.